Mikaela’s love for animals started as a young girl dreaming of having her own farm someday with all the animals you can think of. Still, to this day that dream has not changed. In 2020 she finally took her first steps in becoming part of the animal loving community. She is passionate about the Maine Coon cat breed and learning the ins and outs of the care that comes with their breed. She has a big soft spot for Boxer dogs and has always had at least one since she was eight years old. She is currently a mom to two Boxer’s and four Maine Coons. Mikaela is new to the veterinary field, the passion she has for her current and future animal’s health is what drives her to become a Veterinary Technician, or a DVM if she’s up for the challenge. A majority of Mikaela’s time is spent taking care of her Maine Coons with her Husband. When they have free time together they watch the office, and play Apex Legends. She always says “Animals teach compassion, selflessness, and responsibility” and someday she will teach her children how to love and care for any animal.