Dr. Taylor Francher’s dreams of becoming a veterinarian started much like any other, when she proudly declared to her parents at nine that she wanted to be a bunny doctor. She later graduated from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016, and has been in the field since high school. Originally from Arizona (and a UA Wildcat at heart), this desert rat was excited for an opportunity to return to the desert southwest after graduation. She has been practicing in the Las Vegas area since graduating from NCSU. Her early career was broad and encompassed both cats, dogs, and most exotic pets. After starting a family with human children, Dr. Francher realized she needed a change of pace from the go, go, go of most veterinary clinics. With this change she currently only sees cats and dogs, although desert tortoises and rodents still hold a special place in her heart.

Dr. Francher prefers to spend her free time with her husband and two young children. She also has a furred and feathered family with an English setter Lucille, a Boston terrier Frederic, a green-cheeked conure Besos, and three guinea pigs: Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice, and Vanilla Bean. When she gets the chance, Dr. Francher loves to solve jigsaw puzzles and read, typically about the microbiome and parenting. She also loves a good fantasy book.